Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Yesterday, I went to MacDonald's for the first time in about six years.  Not only any MacDonald's though, a French MacDonald's.  It was vastly different than any experience than I have ever had.  I got the "Royal Bacon" which came with fries and a soft drink.

Now think American MacDonald's and the size of the burger I bought in America...My burger was easily half the size of an AMerican bacon burger.

And the fries, they were the size of the fries in a Happy Meal, easily.  The best part was, that when I was finished I did not feel like I needed to run a 5k to burn it off. That would not be a bad idea, but I was left feeling perfectly satisfied, if you will.

The drink was between the size of a small and a medium in the US.  I got a Coca-Light, that is what they call Diet Coke, so don't come to France and ask for a Diet Coke because you will not get one.  All of the portions were reasonable compared to the American burgers, my friend Marine was able to eat four Big Macs in the span of fifteen minutes without getting sick!

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Thanks for reading my adventures, I have many more to come!


  1. Those mountains are gorgeous! We want McDo's photos! :-)
    Love you - mom!

  2. was the burger all greasy?
    i bet it was :)
    Did i spell burger wrong LOL

    From your brother Zack
    P.S. was the sign for macdos the same as here?
    I also have a riddle for you
    A house with two occupants sometimes one rarely three.Break the walls eat the boarders then throw me away.What am I?

  3. We Americans can take a lesson from the French on how to eat correct portion sizes! Love the pics Little P!! You are destined for greatness........

    Love ya! Marcy

    Ok Zack - what's the answer?????