Sunday, December 5, 2010


Hey everyone!

I have to apologize for my tardiness in my posts, my life is pretty normal now but still filled with work and family time.
As I wrote in my last post, I have routines and I have everyday things and activities now, so sometimes I just cannot find the time to write.  I love to write and update everyone though and today there was a lot to write about.

Today I made my Thanksgiving turkey, a little late, but I got it done.
I made the turkey with a simple stuffing of onions, carrots and celery, and on the side another stuffing, green beans and potatoes.

We had Joelle and her friend over and our friend Pierre-Louis from the Harmonie to eat at noon, and then we left to ski! It was the first time I have ever gone skiing, and I can say that I was excited until I saw the slopes!

Don't worry, I didn't go on a real slope, I stayed at the bottom with Anne and she taught me simple things, like the "chasse neige" (snow plow) and how to turn.  I was so scared at the beginning and the ski shoes were squeezing the life out of my feet!  My poor toes were frozen AND squished!  After a while I got used to it and went down little hills at the end of the slopes and did very well!

I am so glad that I went skiing and I am looking forward to the next time.  The best part was definitely at the end when everyone finished their slopes and Adélie and I pushed each other in the snow, it was a little bit cold but it was fun.  We also went to the ski lodge and drank hot chocolate, it felt so good to be inside and warm.

I am going to update again as soon as I can but I hope you all enjoy this for now!

A plus!


  1. Looks like you have a lot more snow than we have here, which is none! Glad your first ski lesson went well (no injuries!) and that Thanksgiving lunch in December was also a hit.

    Looking forward to your next post!


  2. Hey Victoria-- I am glad you tried skiing. I have not done it for years-but I always had a blast-- and yes- falling down with friends was part of the fun! And hot chocolate always makes everything better-even cold, squishy toes!
    Keep on writing when you can-- I love following your great adventures!!! (and I think I come up as your mom since we have our SLICE email account...this time I was able to change it to anonymous- someday I will figure out how to post as myself!!! LOL LOL