Thursday, February 24, 2011

OMG Snow!

So today was a very exciting day for me.

It is the first day since December 18th that we have gotten snow in the valley!

I woke up this morning, like any other morning and I took a look out my window and I screamed "Yessssssssss!!!!".  In fact I screamed that with more enthusiasm and a little louder, and multiple times.  When I came down to breakfast I was so excited and happy because we were finally getting snow!  Adélie didn't seem to enjoy the snow very much though, oh well.

Ok, so there wasn't exactly THAT much snow, but there was a good inch and a half on the ground this morning and when we left it was still snowing.  It stopped snowing around 10 am, when I was in English class.  I had no idea that it was possible to watch three American movies in English class that I have never heard of before. Sorry, kind of random I know but I don't understand.

We have watched...
Little Big Man (1970 with Dustin Hoffman)
Betrayed (1988 with Debra Winger and Tom Berenger)
Thank You for Smoking (2004 with Aaron Eckhart and Katie Holmes)
If any of you have ever heard of these films please let me know, because I haven't heard of any of them.

Anyway, once 17:00 rolled around this is what the ground looked like.

I was so disappointed, but I guess that is just how life is.
I also learned today that Math is a lie, how can I go the rest of my life knowing that Math is a lie?
I just can't live with that.

Is there still twenty billion inches of snow on the ground in New Enland?
Look! There were even flowers!
I want to see some pictures!!

That's all for now, I am going to end things on a good note ( haha litterally, I mean grades are called notes in France).

I got a 19.5/20 on a math test (lies).
I have a 12.5/20 average overall as a student for the 2nd trimester!!
The class average is around 11.5 or so!!

I am so proud of myself.
I have a long two weeks of vacation (called skiing) coming up, if I don't kill myself trying to ski then I will tell you how it went!

Have a great vacation and a great rest of the winter with snow!


  1. Math is TRUTH! Math is LOGIC! Math is PREDICTABLE!

    J'aime Math!

    Please explain how math is a lie.

    Sorry about the snow, we had a day like that earlier this week. The remainder of the snow is still here, though... but it looks dirty and "not snow-like". There's a new word for the dirty piles on the side of the road... snirt. Just add parts of snow and dirt and voila... SNIRT!


  2. Hey there :D
    Tis Carly from the AFS orientation! Yay snowwwwwwwww!
    Sounds like everything is going well for you. :) I just felt like mentioning that I am pretty sure I have seen the first movie... "Little Big Man," and I love "Thank You for Smoking!" Hahaha. Although I have never heard of "Betrayed..." Anyhow, I hope you have an awesome rest-of-exchange! See you at the end orientation, I guess!