Wednesday, July 6, 2011

One year over, an experience that will never end

One final post from sunny Bonneville France.

My year abroad is coming to an end, I am flying to the United States Sunday morning.  This has been an amazing year, as I think you have all seen from the rest of my posts.  I have passed a really amazing year here in France, I have made the friends of a lifetime, experienced another lifestyle and culture, and have relationships that will last forever.

This year I have also changed a lot.  I am much more independant than I was before and I have a whole new style that makes me feel really good about myself and gives me confidence.  This year has been both very long and extremely short, but between September 1st of last year and now, I have really changed.  I am not at all the same little Vicki sophomore in high school that I was before and I know that it is really weird to think about.  It is weird for me thinking about seeing everyone who has not been able to see my evolution and be shocked with the changes I have made.  The change is not even in appearance (ok, I took a kg of muscle from climbing the 1,5km every night) but other than that, the change is inside. It's how I see myself, how I see the world and how I make my decisions.

It is hard enough to explain all of that, but also there are things that I have the habit of doing here, and I don't even realize that I do it anymore.  To give an example, in France it is very impolite to have your hands in your lap while you eat, so now I have the habit of keeping my hands on the table at dinner.  There are a lot of other little things like that, that I don't realize I do here, but when I get home it will be weird doing that same thing.

I don't want to scare anyone but saying all of this, but it is true that I have really changed and that I really like the change.  I have really enjoyed spending a year in France, that is still a long time, one year.  I can't wait to come back and relive some of the amazing moments that I have passed here.

I also wanted to thank everyone who made this possible, helped me through the hard times, and made the good times great.  First to my parents, Mom and Dad I am very thankful that you have helped me make this possible and helped me throughout the whole year, I am really excited to see you guys in one week, love you!  Next come the teachers, French and American alike who helped me through and made this experience possible.  My host family here in France who were really great, more than I could ever have asked for, don't worry je reviendrais (I will be back).  And of course all of the amazing people who I have met and who have been really nice with me this year, the amazing friendships and relationships that will last a very very very long time <3

I can't wait to come back and visit everyone in France!

I will keep in touch with everyone this upcoming year, I promise!!

See you soon again France and see you very soon America :)

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  1. We are as excited to see you - and we are so extremely proud of you! Can't wait to hear all of the stories live and in person...only a few short hours now! You have blossomed into an amazing young lady and you are beautiful inside and out. See you tomorrow! Love you! Mom & Dad